FAQ for Account Opening

The requirements are:

  • Approved identity Proof like Copy of New Zealand Driver License* or passport along with original for verification. If you are holding foreign passport please ensure that it has valid  New Zealand visa.  
  • Copy of approved address proof like utility bill/ bank statement / tenancy agreement in your name for the purposes of verifying physical address along with original for verification. 
  • One recent passport size photograph
  • IRD Number.
  • Minimum opening balance is not necessarily required at the time of Account Opening. Customers can deposit minimum balance via online banking once their account number is advised to them.

*Along with NZ Driver licence, please bring additionally one of below mentioned supporting document:

  1.  NZ full birth certificate
  2.  18+ Card
  3.  Valid and Current International driving permit as defined in clause 88(1)(b) of the Land Transport (Driver Licensing) Rule 1999.