Service charges apply when the specific service is used, and in addition to account transaction charges.

Deposit Accounts –Product related fee
Baroda Savings Accounts: (NZD/USD)
Minimum Balance
Monthly fee for not maintaining minimum balance
First Month  -   NIl  ,     Subsequent Month NZD  $10 p.m
Debit Transaction fee
$0.50per debit transaction after 100free debit transaction per quarter
 Quarterly account maintenance fee
Account closure fees (Before/After 12months)
Baroda Super Savings Account:
Minimum balance
Monthly fee for not maintaining minimum balance
First Month  -   NIl  ,     Subsequent Month NZD  $10 p.m
Debit Transaction fee
$0.50per debit transaction after 150free debit transaction per quarter
 Quarterly account maitenance fee
Account closure before/After 12 months- Fee
Baroda Current Account
Minimum Quarterly average balance
Personal ->
Business/Bank ->
Fee for not maintaining minimum balance
Personal ->
Business/Bank ->
$5 per month
Monthly Service Fee
Personal ->
$5 per month
Business/Bank ->
Account closure before/After 12 months
Personal ->
Business/Bank ->
$100 / $50
Baroda Premium Business Current Account
Minimum quarterly average balance
Fee for not maintaining minimum balance
Quarterly service Fee
Other Service Charges
Duplicate or additional statement copies
$1.50 per issue
All other documents
$1.50 per page
Additional copies of same original
$1.00 per page
Certificate of Balance
$25.00 flat
ATM – EFTPOS charges
Visa debit card annual fee
-NIL- However one off issuance Fee of $10/ per card at the time of issuance
Replacement card
Customers will not be charged for replacing where the magnetic stripe is wiped and card does not work
$10.00 per card
ATM – EFTPOS used in NZ
BOB ATM (for withdrawal, funds transfer, balance enquiry)
No charge
ATMs of the Bank with agreement to use by our bank’s customer
No charge
Other banks ATMs
$1.00 per transaction
ATM – EFTPOS used overseas
Balance enquiry
EFTPOS purchase
ATM cash withdrawal                                              
Currency conversion fee for foreign currency transactions.
2.5% of the NZ$ amount
Visa debit card cash withdrawal fee(when you use visa debit card to withdraw cash over the counter at any other bank or financial institution)
$5 per withdrawal
Visa debit card overseas transaction decline fee
$1 per declined transaction
Visa debit disputed transaction fee when you dispute a transaction made using your visa debit card
$15 per transaction receipt & investigation fee may also apply
Automatic payments (AP) fees per AP
Establishment, amendment and or suspension of AP
$5.00 each (this fee is waived if the AP is between BOB NZ accounts).
Collection item fee: Cheque clearing charge
Savings Bank
Baroda Super Savings Bank  
Premium current – Number of free collection per clearing collection cycle
15c per cheque
 No  charges  
 No charges  
Cheque book issuance Fees
             Baroda Business Current Account
              Other Accounts
20 cents per cheque minimum NZD 5
$1.50 per cheque leaf after permissible free cheque book
Cash handling fee
(Charged on the total cash amount deposited or withdrawn in any one business day).
Up to $3,000.00
Above $3000.00 and upto 5000.00
Above $ 5000
$1.50   per NZ$1000
$2.00 per NZ$1000
Baroda Business premium current account
25% concession if average balance is NZ$25000 &50%if average balance is NZ$50000
Cheques – fees per cheque
Stopped cheques
Special answers
same day>>>>$20.00
by hand>>>>>$25.00
Bank cheques – per Cheque
Replacement (damage or loss)
Inoperative Account Fee (for accounts with balance less than $150 not used for one year or more. Account balance with $30 or less may be closed)
Term Investment –Pre maturity withdrawal Fee
$ NIl

Insufficient Funds/Dishonour fee:

Cheque, automatic payment and direct debit
Inward-$25.00 per transaction
Outward- $10 per transaction
Future dated bill payment and pay anyone transaction via internet banking
$10.00 per transaction

International - Outward Payments
Baroda Rapid Funds2India -  Two remittances to India in personal accounts,  irrespective of Bank , free of charges to customers maintaining accounts with us .

Funds Transfer
Issue: Up to $5000                                              Over $5000
Enquiry (beneficiary claiming non receipt of payment)

Inward Payments – Payments credited to Bank of Baroda account

In NZD or foreign currency
$ 5.00
Payments taken in cash or credited to another bank account in NZD
Payments credited to another bank account in foreign currency

INLAND RTGS REMITTANCE                $10.00